Google Analytics Launches Real Time Analytics Dashboard


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/subfolders or That is the question…

Life is easier explained in pictures:

Courtsey of SlingShot SEO

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Google’s $12.5 Billion Bet

Lovin’ this infographic from Voltier; must be nice to have $12.5 billion laying around to spend on patents.

Basically the deal is Google is spending $12.5 billion to beef up their mobile patent portfolio because everybody knows everybody is suing everybody in the mobile space, and if you have a patent in your portfolio that another company is violating you call the lawyers and try to sue them.

This is a pretty piss poor business practice because the legal cost that go into suing another mobile company is going to reflect on the retail price of your device; so in the end the consumers loses, but hopefully the investors who are investing in these companies are winning.

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Most Expensive Keywords on Adwords

So you just graduated law school and you want to get into the personal injury game, because heck that’s where all the $$$ is. Well you might be a little discouraged to find that if you’re looking to Google to advertise your practice you might think twice.

Personal injury cases are big bucks, a mesothelioma case can bring a practice $10s of millions of dollars on average, but when the stakes are high so are the risks and is the buy-in. Just to bid for “mesothelioma” on Google Adwords it’s going to cost your $91.09 a click! Maybe you get clever and start bidding on the long tail keywords, like “mesothelioma causes”, whoops, that’s going to cost you $103.44 a click.

Throw in click fraud in the mix and your competitors clicking on your ads to see what you’re doing that bill at the end of every month is going to get pretty steep.

Here’s a cool little infograph put together by wordstream that breaks down Google’s $33.3 billion made last year.

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Pay with a Tweet is Pretty Genius

This is a pretty genius idea to get paid in tweets. The video does a really great job of explaining the concept

Pay with a tweet is a pretty genius way of spreading the word for a book, a campaign, or a small business.

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Google Plus vs Facebook

The creative peeps over at TechnoBombs provided this very cool infographic comparing Google + vs FB!

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Who Tweets Anyways?

Are you social media adverse? Ever wonder who uses that twitter thing?

As a marketer it’s good to know your platform, and if you’re using Twitter as a marketing platform this infographic, brought to you by Column Five breaks down Twitter users in this very useful graphic.

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