Obama Knows Marketing

Obama could be President because of this Video

Here’s a great video, that no only entertains and educates, it also shows the importance of marketing and how it can make a impact in people’s decision making process. This video definately had me thinking.

This video is prime example of how great content, music, editing and overall stellar production can deliver a message that can change minds, turn hearts and move crowds. I believe that marketing is the one of the most underrated forces this country posseses. This country is cash rich, fuled by consumerism and backed by a supreme military power, but there is a power that we posses that is sometimes overlooked. The Great, Big, Hype-Machine.

Madison avenue controls the hearts and minds of simple minded mid-westerners, and are the three circles that intellectual snobs like to poke thier noses down on, regardless some of most epic changes of tides in American culture couldn’t of been as impactful if it was not for marketing, PR and a keen insight on what drives, fears and motivates a human being.

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