The Paint That Blocks Wi-Fi Signals

Are you tired of your neighbors slurping up your bandwidth, or pirating your WiFi signal. Some very smart people at the University of Tokyo have come up with a special paint that has the ability to block WiFi Signals. The paint, which only costs less than $50 every 16 oz, resonates the same frequency that a WiFi signal does, meaning that airborne signals are absorbed and blocked.

The paint does serve some interesting purposes including: keeping cellphones silent in movie theaters, keeping WiFi networks secure, shielding hospital rooms from unwanted electromagnetic radiation and fabricating clothes to protect from electromagnetic waves.

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One Response to The Paint That Blocks Wi-Fi Signals

  1. Hello Ben,

    It does seem incredible that only a few microns of paint are able to block WiFi signals. I’ve noticed that the TGVs (high speed trains) from Paris suppress the ability to make and receive cell phone calls. You have to stand in a designated area between the carriages to make a call. I suppose the trains use a special metal grid in the carriage skin, like the ones used in industrial control cabinets to stop walkie-talkies and welding guns from shutting down power plants.

    Russell Davison

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