Most Expensive Keywords on Adwords

So you just graduated law school and you want to get into the personal injury game, because heck that’s where all the $$$ is. Well you might be a little discouraged to find that if you’re looking to Google to advertise your practice you might think twice.

Personal injury cases are big bucks, a mesothelioma case can bring a practice $10s of millions of dollars on average, but when the stakes are high so are the risks and is the buy-in. Just to bid for “mesothelioma” on Google Adwords it’s going to cost your $91.09 a click! Maybe you get clever and start bidding on the long tail keywords, like “mesothelioma causes”, whoops, that’s going to cost you $103.44 a click.

Throw in click fraud in the mix and your competitors clicking on your ads to see what you’re doing that bill at the end of every month is going to get pretty steep.

Here’s a cool little infograph put together by wordstream that breaks down Google’s $33.3 billion made last year.

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