About Ben Joven

Growing up in the Silicon Valley his father worked in the computer industry working in Hardware Development, and gave Ben his first Macintosh at the age 4. Let’s just say it’s been a fervid love affair ever since.

“Technology has always been a big part of my life, but I had no idea I would be working in online advertising,” says Ben . “I worked in investments for some time, and cut my teeth in sales working for a discount brokerage house. After that I took my contacts, sales and marketing skills to try to pitch a few reality TV shows to studio execs in Burbank, but nothing is as exciting as working in online advertising.”

The excitement and passion for his work is apparent on first meeting Ben, he understands how the web works and has an keen insight on how to drive traffic.

“Sure content is king,” says Ben. “But traffic is heir to the throne, and I know how to get traffic.”

Secret of success?

“No secret,” Ben says. “It’s passion, hard work, getting the information first and using it to the best of your advantage.”


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